Our Company
Boyut Energy Systems Ltd. the founding fathers after the electricity sector for more than 15 years experience in 2010.
Electrical engineering is committed to the project, covered all activities in the field of consulting and implementation services, our company constantly follows technological developments closely. As each project has its own structure that makes continuous, dynamic and experienced staff, that make up our company with the young, the principle itself to produce the right solution to organizations of all sizes.
Each project has its own conditions considering the intended use of the structure, system requirements and requested to provide the most appropriate suggestion, solution and comfort criteria in the selection of product and technical support related to the standard offering with optimal project.
Our company is made aware of the importance of implementation projects, to adapt to the renewed technology projects architectural concept, such as the cost of operating and investment costs is the most appropriate, considering the economic elements; the basic principle is that the design concept of the main criteria is world class as trial.